After the Sunset (2004)

After the Sunset (2004) — I’m not entirely sure what I just watched.  The movie’s pretty stupid from start to finish but for the first 30-45 minutes I was kind of going with it.  It was a glossy entertaining kind of stupid.  There’s a caper central to the movie and as a viewer I found myself making predictions about what would happen.  Any one of those predictions would have been more interesting than what happened.  The central problem about this movie is that everyone seems pretty bad at what they do.  Pierce Brosnan is supposed to be this master thief but he makes stupid mistake after stupid mistake.  He’s really only a master thief because by some dumb luck he keeps getting away with it.  Salma Hayek’s cleavage is in this movie.  Salma Hayek the Academy Award-nominated actress seems to be missing, but like I said: cleavage.  I can live with that.  Don Cheadle is in this for some reason.  The movie would be almost no different if he wasn’t, which really kind of ruins the otherwise awesomeness of Don Cheadle.  Woody Harrelson’s character seems to have some kind of homoerotic obsession with Pierce Brosnan.  I’m not making that up.  They really seem to base a lot of scenes around that.  Naomie Harris does a stupid Jamaican accent but looks good doing it.  That’s kind of the philosophy of this movie: do things poorly but look good doing it.

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