Blue Velvet (1986)

Blue Velvet (1986) — So I liked things about this movie a lot more than I liked the movie itself.  It’s never boring, even if the pace does drag a bit at some points (David Lynch’s original cut ran four hours).  More than anything else I like the theme of this movie: the idea that underneath everything “normal” there is a seedy underbelly with things more frightening than you can imagine.  In the movie that frightening thing is the late Dennis Hopper as Frank Booth, a gas-inhaling sociopathic sadist who is involved in a lot of crazy illegal shit. Kyle MacLachlan and Laura Dern play the clean-cut 1950s-tyle teenagers (even though the movie is set in the 80s… I think) who are digging into this underbelly, totally unprepared for what they find.  Anyone familiar with director David Lynch knows that he is out of his fucking mind, at least as far as his films are concerned.  Blue Velvet is no exception, though it doesn’t quite reach the weirdness levels of Lynch’s first film Eraserhead or his latest Inland Empire.  The movie does have a certain alienating quality about it and I may need to see it again to form any real kind of opinion on it (I hated Inland Empire the first time I saw it, liked it the second).  The film’s off-kilter take on the conventions of film noir made it interesting enough that it’s definitely a must for the art house crowd.

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