Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010)

Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010) — So if you know nothing about street art (like me), this movie is still cool.  It is a documentary about a man named Thierry Guetta who starts to document the rise of street art in the 2000s and eventually decides to become an artist himself.  The results are… well, it’s quite something and let’s just leave it at that.  There is a widespread supposition that the film’s director, renowned street artist Banksy, may have staged the events of the film as an elaborate put-on but I’m inclined to believe in the events of the film.  I may not know too much about the world of street art, but what happens seems to me very plausible.  Either way the film is very interesting and entertaining.  There is a line between some idiot writing his name on a wall and actual art and it’s a hard one to discern (and it’s all pretty much illegal).  My own personal philosophy on art is I either like it or I don’t.  A lot of the art on display in the movie I like quite a bit.  Other bits (and by the end of the movie it should be fairly obvious which ones) seem to be aping the style of other artists while not comprehending the meaning.  Anyway, like I just go by what I like and what I don’t and this movie falls very much into the first category.

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