The Simpsons Movie (2007)

The Simpsons Movie (2007) — So the thing that a lot of people have said about this movie is that it’s like an unusually long episode of the show.  That’s definitely partially true, but in a good way I think.  Everything from the show is present from Homer’s staggering new levels of stupidity (though real life frequently finds new and horrifying ways to out-stupid him), Lisa’s overzealous preachiness, and a cast of thousands of supporting characters we’ve all come to know and love the past 21 years.  Also on board is Albert Brooks as the villain, creating his second best Simpsons character ever (none will ever top Hank Scorpio) and an unusually ruthless director of the Environmental Protection Agency.  The film does utilize some of the advantages of film.  The images are bigger (not just in the sense of widescreen but on a grander scale too) than on TV and they do put in small amounts of the cursing, nudity, and drug use prohibited by the FCC.  Anyway, it basically boils down to this: if you’re a Simpsons fan (not one of the nitpicky ones who refuses to acknowledge anything after 1998) then you’ll probably dig this movie.

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