Whitney – “Pilot”

Whitney – “Pilot

Whitney Cummings is a stand-up comedian who’s succeeded off of the Sarah Silverman formula of “somewhat attractive woman saying vulgar things.” Thanks to frequent appearances on Chelsea Lately and Comedy Central Roasts. Due to her new higher profile she has been approached by television networks for sitcoms. She’s considered a 2011 success story as she got two new sitcoms picked up. On CBS, there’s 2 Broke Girls, starring Kat Dennings. I reviewed it the other day and rather liked it. It’s not perfect but it’s got potential. The other show, which Cummings stars on, is Whitney on NBC. It sucks. Badly. I hated this show. Pilots often suffer from a lot of problems but you can sort of see where they might go. Whitney’s pilot just plain sucks and I can’t really see the show do anything but continuing on its path of suckage (until cancellation anyway). Whitney Cummings plays Whitney Cummings, a photographer living with her boyfriend of three years Alex (Chris D’Elia). She has friends. They each have a single defining personality characteristic. She worries about loss of passion in her relationship so she tries to spice things up. It goes awry. Antics ensue. Some shows (like Up All Night and Free Agents) I will be following on television but not writing about (until the end of the season when I’ll comment on their progress). Whitney is not one of them. There will be no more articles about it because I will not be watching it again.

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