Winter’s Bone (2010)

Winter’s Bone (2010) — Well I don’t think I really needed a movie to tell me this, but after watching Winter’s Bone I know I definitely do not want to ever live in the Ozarks.  Jennifer Lawrence plays Ree, a 17-year-old who pretty much raises her younger brother and sister as their mother is near-catatonic and their father is absent.  The absent father proves to be something of a thorn in the family’s side when it turns out he put up the house as collateral on his bail and now since he seems likely to miss his court date, the family is facing impending homelessness.  Ree heads out to find her wayward pa and sets about doing so with a steely determination not often seen in movie teenagers (or real ones for that matter).  She hits up her uncle “Teardrop” (Deadwood‘s John Hawkes), who isn’t very helpful. In fact no one seems to want to help poor Ree.  The film’s stark portrayal of hard life are deeply affecting and at times it almost feels like a world devoid of hope, which is exactly what it must  for the characters.  Jennifer Lawrence is revelatory.  If there’s any justice she will be fighting Natalie Portman for that Oscar next month.  Definitely a movie worth checking out.

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