Adventureland (2009)

Adventureland (2009) — Some actors don’t have the widest of range. They play very specific types. Oftentimes they play those types very well and that’s why they gets typecast in very narrow roles. The trick is if casting directors pick them for the right roles, they can be great. Adventureland has two actors with a very limited range in the lead roles, but it works. Jessie Eisenberg seems like an actor who very easily could have ended up with Michael Cera-level typecasting but he has managed to find scripts like The Social Network and Zombieland that use his abilities perfectly. Adventureland is another one of those movies as he’s great in the role of a too-smart -for-his-own-good kid forced into a position well below his intellectual level. Kristen Stewart who’s been sporadically good in flicks like Panic Room and Into the Wild (I don’t count Twilight against her because EVERYBODY sucks in Twilight, even great actors like Michael Sheen) does well in her emotionally-fucked-up dream girl role. Ryan Reynolds, an actor who often gets the glib badass roles, does very well as a guy who seems like he’s the standard Reynolds character but is in reality something more contemptible. I really have to applaud the casting in this movie because it uses its actors perfectly. The story I suppose is your standard indie coming of age story, but it works for me. Plus it really hits a chord with anyone who’s worked a degrading job.

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