All the Real Girls (2003)

All the Real Girls (2003) — So a lot of movies that claim to be about love seem to be written with no real sense of what that entails. There’s a shitload of pain involved and most movies choose to gloss over that part or otherwise address it in a contrived way. All the Real Girls is a movie that tries to examine a relationship with all that messy complexity that gets left out of most flicks. Paul Schneider plays Paul, a womanizer who falls for the sister (Zooey Deschanel) of one of his friends (Shea Whigham), who disapproves. While some of the dialogue has the “obtuse, semi-poetic quality” that is characteristic of David Gordon Green’s early work, the way the characters speak and behave strikes me as particularly realistic. The movie maintains a deliberate pace that doesn’t rush the story but likewise doesn’t drag. While I did think Patricia Clarkson’s job as a clown was a little extraneous (it’s a pretty small part of the movie), it’s only one small complaint. I dug this flick.

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