As You Like It (2006)

As You Like It (2006) — I have seen two of Kenneth Branagh’s previous Shakespeare films. One, Much Ado About Nothing, I quite liked. The other, Hamlet, I have several issues with. As You Like It I like, mostly due to the cast and performances. The film is transplanted to Japan, after it was opened to trade with the West. This influences the design of the film in many creative ways but, to me at least, didn’t expand on the themes of the play in any significant way. Also the benefits to the production design were short-lived as most of the movie takes place in the forest. Branagh does use the medium to expand upon the story, showing the conquest of Duke Senior’s court by Count Frederick (both counts played by Brian Blessed). The love story between Rosalind (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Orlando (David Oyelowo) is the best part of the movie for me.  Anyway if you like Shakespeare flicks, this one’s worth checking out.

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