Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010)

Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010) — I’m really digging these direct-to-video PG-13 animated films from DC. They’re straight-up adaptations of some great comics without having to fit into the wider DC Animated Universe’s complicated continuity (or the even more complicated continuity of the comics themselves). The movie deals largely with the aftermath of the death of the second Robin (Jason Todd) and the appearance of a new figure in Gotham’s criminal underworld, the Red Hood. The Red Hood has declared all-out war on Black Mask’s criminal empire and Batman is out to stop him, but the Red Hood is more than a match for him and while I won’t divulge the plot “twist” for the uninitiated, the two storylines are very much intertwined. The movie goes darker than Batman: The Animated Series ever did (though that show didn’t entirely shy away from darkness in the figurative and especially not the literal sense) and has some really fucking violent parts (a low-level thug is set on fire when the Red Hood shoots a Molotov cocktail he was getting ready to throw). For comic fans and Batman fans, this movie is worth checking out.

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