Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2011)

Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2011) — The stereotype goes that Germans are very weird people. While I’ve met enough perfectly ordinary (and sometimes banal) Germans to know this characterization is not always fair, the stereotype is backed up by film-maker Werner Herzog. Just the way he talks has this strange intensity that compels you to listen… Anyway, Cave of Forgotten Dreams is Herzog’s documentary about a cave discovered in France in 1994 that contains the oldest paintings ever, about 32,000 years old (in other words, way more than 6,000). In essence what the cave represents is the birthplace of art.  The film is shot in absolutely stunning 3D as well. In fact it may be the best-used 3D I have seen since Avatar. Instead of throwing shit at you in a gimmicky fashion, the movie screen becomes a window to another world and you get to peer through. The combination of 3D and deep focus can lead to eyeball fatigue a couple times but it’s worth it to me. Cave of Forgotten Dreams is an amazing movie about an amazing find.

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