Monsters (2010)

Monsters (2010) — So a couple weeks ago I saw Battle: Los Angeles which had a premise with some potential (we are invaded by aliens for our resources in a manner somewhat reminiscent of how we’ve invaded other countries for their forcing us into the type of urban warfare familiar in the Middle East) that squandered said potential on mindless action with some mild jingoism thrown in for good measure. Monsters likewise has a premise with some potential (aliens crash land in Mexico, causing Mexico and the U.S. to establish a quarantine zone complete with giant border wall to keep the aliens out of the U.S.) and makes the opposite mistake by blowing it with NOT ENOUGH action. It’s a very talky movie but the dialogue doesn’t spend too much times on the situation’s analogous nature to U.S./Mexico immigration issues. Also there’s barely any of the aliens on camera. I get that suspense is built better when you don’t see everything, but this movies takes that advice way too far. It might disappoint audiences when a movie called Monsters barely has any damn monsters in it. Or maybe it’s some kind of comment about how WE are the monsters but if that’s so the movie never makes its damn case well enough to justify the moralizing. The movie clearly wants to do for the immigration issue what District 9 did for apartheid but the idea isn’t developed well enough and there isn’t enough entertainment value to make it worthwhile.

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