Rio (2011)

Rio (2011) — First off: there’s a Scrat cartoon before this movie. I love that little guy… so yay! Now onto the movie itself: Carlos Saldanha has basically crafted an animated love letter to his hometown of Rio de Janeiro. The story is about a Blue Macaw oh-so-creatively named Blu (Jessie Eisenberg). He’s abducted from Brazil as a baby and lost in Minnesota before he can even learn how to fly. He is raised by Linda (Leslie Mann), who is eventually coaxed to bring him back to Brazil by an ornithologist (Rodrigo Santoro from Lost & 300) so he can mate with a female Macaw (Anne Hathaway) and save the species. Like everything ever set in Brazil, this is all taking place during Carnival. The visuals are rich and unlike other recent films, Rio knows how to use 3D for maximum effect. I enjoyed this movie quite a bit.

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