Somewhere (2010)

Somewhere (2010) — It’s not like there is nothing to like in this movie. First and foremost, Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning are both great in this movie. There something you can see in some independent movies where film-makers will allow a scene time to develop with long takes that absorb you and let you take in all the nuance. I would generally characterize that as a good thing in films. But when it happens in EVERY FUCKING SCENE it makes your movie drag. Writer-director Sofia Coppola seems to have taken a few of the things that worked very well in her earlier Lost in Translation and beat them to death in this film. All those scenes of Bill Murray experience culture-shock with wacky Japanese society get replayed when Dorff accepts some kind of award at the Italian premiere of his latest film. Movie stars with anhedonia (the inability to enjoy anything) can only be mined for so much material. The big thing that should have set Somewhere apart is the presence of his 11-year-old daughter (Fanning) who looks up to her dad like a hero, but still seems to be taking care of him more than he takes care of her. There are a lot of interesting scenes (and some nudity that could debatably be called gratuitous) but all in all they don’t add up to much. It could be an interesting movie to watch if it’s on cable sometime but it’s not worth paying ticket prices for. To sum up with the most cringe-worthy Gene Shallit-esque pun I can come up with: Somewhere goes nowhere.

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