The Navigator (1924)

The Navigator (1924) — This is the second Buster Keaton movie I’ve seen (assuming you don’t count Limelight or Sunset Boulevard) and I liked The General a lot better. The guy may have been a superior physical comedian to Charlie Chaplin, but Chaplin was the better film-maker. That being said, I had several chuckles throughout the course of this one-hour film and at least one laugh out loud moment so I’m hardly writing this one off as a dud. Keaton plays rich guy who out of boredom one day decides to get married, but the object of his affections rejects his proposal. Through a series of mishaps involving espionage between two small warring countries, both he and she end up alone on a cruise ship set adrift at sea. Comedy ensues. I was amused, although it didn’t hit me as good as other silent films I have seen.

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