The Triplets of Belleville (2003)

The Triplets of Belleville (2003) — Sylvain Chomet is some kind of mad genius and this film is a testament to why tradition two dimensional animation will never die. It is hard to describe this movie. It is pretty much something that as to be seen for itself. It is the tale of a grandmother raising her grandson. As a child he is overweight until she discovers that he has an interest in bicycling. Fast forward some time and he is a competitor in a major national competition (likely the Tour de France) but he is kidnapped by some shady gangsters and taken to America (where everyone is really fat) and the grandmother needs to team up with some old former singers from the 1930s and her overweight dog Bruno to save her grandson. This is all done to a catchy soundtrack with virtually no dialogue. Sylvain Chomet seems to a be a great admirer of silent films, which works for me because so am I. It’s a method of storytelling that needs to be revisited more often. In the meantime, Chomet’s animated films are a great example of whimsy and creativity and should be seen by anyone who considers themselves a fan of animation. Très bien.

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