Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010)

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010) — I think the PG-13 direct-to-video animated movies from DC and Warner Premiere have been by-and-large pretty great, but the Superman/Batman ones (Apocalypse follows the earlier Superman/Batman: Public Enemies) based on the comics by Jeph Loeb have left me somewhat cold, much like the comics they’re based on. (Actually excepting The Long Halloween and its sequel Dark Victory, most Jeph Loeb leaves me cold… though I guess I liked Hush too, but not nearly as much as those other two…) Apocalypse adapts the Supergirl story arc where Kara Zor-El comes to Earth and Darkseid hatches a plan to make her one of his Female Furies, mostly just to piss Superman off. (Spoiler: it does.) Um, other stuff happens… Wonder Woman, the Amazons, and escaped Fury Big Barda all come into play at some point but it didn’t make that great of an impression on me. The main thing I liked was that they brought back the DC Animated Universe’s Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy to voice Superman and Batman again. As usual they both perfectly embody those roles. Andre Braugher is a pretty good Darkseid but I do prefer the DCUA’s Michael Ironside. As a Firefly fan it kills me to say it but I think Summer Glau is a pretty mediocre voice actress. Her Supergirl is flat and uninteresting. Kind of whiny too, but in a very monotone way. I’ve seen her emote in live action, but a recording booth just doesn’t seem to be her scene. That’s kind of a problem when you’re voicing the character that drives the plot. Anyway it’s a perfectly fine way to kill 90 minutes, but it’s below the standard the other films have set.

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