The Doom Generation (1995)

The Doom Generation (1995) — Oh, the 90s… Remember the 90s? Indie cinema in the 90s was kind of a mixed bag. I kind of liked The Doom Generation. It doesn’t really go anywhere but that might be what I like about it. Stuff happens and I guess it sort of builds but I’m not sure what the point of it was. Maybe I just liked it because of my crush on Rose McGowan. More so now (or around 2007 anyway) than back then but she’s still pretty cute (and gets all naked a couple times). But random violence and sex and occasional dialogue about “what does it all mean?” (answer: nothing) do not a movie make. Yet I’m still entertained. I don’t know. Maybe because random sex-and-violence with psuedo-philosophy reminds me of the stuff I used to try to write when I was 13. I’m not 13 now… but I still have sort of an appreciation of the meandering indie movies of the 90s… or maybe I’m just watching movies in the middle of the night and my standards are slipping…

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