2 Broke Girls – “And the Break-Up Scene”

2 Broke Girls – “And the Break-Up Scene

2 Broke Girls seems to spend a lot of time making fun of hipsters. I used to make fun of hipsters before it was cool, but now I’m over it. Okay that was a joke (kind of an old one) but really, isn’t this played out yet? I don’t know, it’s not like the jokes aren’t funny. 2 Broke Girls actually makes me chuckle quite a bit. This episode continues some of the strengths of the pilot and also some of the weaknesses. The good? I just love a horse a Brooklyn. I can’t really say why that amuses me so much, but it does. On the downside it leads to a gag where Caroline falls into horse shit. This is like a grosser version of her getting sprayed in the face with whipped cream in the first episode. “The [former] rich girl gets something spilled on her” is not a joke that holds up well week-to-week.

After witnessing the debacle that was Whitney, I was rather surprised that Whitney Cummings is also the co-creator of this show. Granted the show does employ her “hot chicks saying risqué things” formula, but this show actually works unlike her eponymous project. After an expository speech where Caroline explains the entire premise of the show to Max as if she didn’t already know, the episode deals with Caroline’s rather serious boundary issues. The episode had more great lines (“If I was going to go lesbian, she’s the last lez I would be in.”) but still has the bizarre characters Han and Oleg, who don’t do anything for me at all. Over-the-top racial stereotypes may make for decent fodder for “edgy” stand-up comedians but they don’t work as CHARACTERS. 2 Broke Girls has some problems. It’s got enough going for it that I’m still a fan, but it needs to work on them as the season goes on.

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