How I Met Your Mother – “Ducky Tie”

How I Met Your Mother – “Ducky Tie

So what happened last week on How I Met Your Mother? Well Robin’s in love with Barney again. Barney’s in love with Nora. None of that comes up. Lily’s pregnancy comes up but only as the reason for her breasts being larger than usual. Lily’s bodacious rack actually drives the funnier of the episodes two main stories. Barney’s plan to caress Lily-boob is pretty epic… and has apparently been in the works for YEARS. It came so close to working too… but it was foiled the boobs that motivated the scheme to begin with. I thought hibachi-humor was kind of played out back in the 90s, but damn if I didn’t find it amusing again. (On a mostly unrelated note, anyone else think one of these restaurants would make a great setting for a scene in a Final Destination movie?) The ducky tie was alluded to in the season premiere and I wonder if Barney will indeed be wearing it all year long. I think so; this is a show that commits to its running gags.

The more “serious” storyline involves Ted’s reunion with Victoria (no accompanying Kinks song though). Tired of the “series of Stieg Larson novels” he’s been seeing Ted decides to talk to Victoria again. He’s eager to make amends for his past infidelity but finds out that Victoria is engaged (or rather soon to be engaged) to Klaus, a German she hooked up with a day and a half after her break-up with Ted. Ted is briefly outraged about Victoria being close to Klaus from class, but eventually realizes that he’s not exactly coming from a position of moral authority. The lasting impact that this storyline will have is Victoria’s revelation that Ted, Barney, and Robin’s “just friends” situation is not working. Really? Seems to be working but Future Ted’s narration confirms that it’s not.

I thought we were past the whole Ted/Robin/Barney triangle. It seems like the show’s going backwards. The creators have already declared that this is the penultimate season. Ted’s meeting the titular mother at the end of the season and the next and final season will focus on his winning of said future wife. I have to believe that the writers are working on their endgame… This season has been as funny as the show usually is but there seems to be a lack of forward momentum, but maybe the third episode is a little early to be complaining about that. We’ll see.

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