New Girl – “Kryptonite”

New Girl – “Kryptonite

Coach, we hardly knew ye. Now that Damon Wayans Jr. has departed for the second season of Happy Endings (I’d be angry about that if I didn’t love the hell out of Happy Endings), a suspiciously similar substitute is brought in. And by suspiciously similar, I mean they’re both black. So far there’s no sign that Lamorne Morris’ character Winston is especially Coach-like but he is an athlete (having played professional Lithuanian basketball) and seems to have some difficulty connecting Jess’ weirdness and I’d be willing to bet that some storylines conceived for Coach will be shifted to Winston with no real problem.

Tonight’s episode was directed by Jake Kasdan, a veteran of television like Freaks and Geeks and movies like Orange County and Walk Hard. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t pinpoint any particular mark his direction left on the show, but it was sure as hell better than Bad Teacher (what happened there, Jake?). The story involves Jess getting her stuff back from her cheating ex-boyfriend. Naturally the guys offer their support. It doesn’t matter. Story isn’t really the main point of New Girl as much as character and general charming wit. “Kryptonite” has a-plenty of work with both. I don’t know why the Douchebag Jar from last week seemed to be missing, since Schmitt did like fifty things that would warrant putting money in it. It’s only the second week and I feel like I know most of the main characters (even the dude who showed up this week, though Jess’ model best friend doesn’t seem to bring much to the table but that could change). That’s the sign of a good show worth watching. The pilot was no fluke. I’m going to like this show.

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