Ringer – “If You Ever Want a French Lesson”

Ringer – “If You Ever Want a French Lesson

Fuck this show. I’m done. Never mind the fact that it’s never really been clear why Bridget’s reaction to her twin sister’s apparent death was to usurp her life. Never mind that she doesn’t get the hell out of New York but seems set on repairing Siobhan’s fucked-up relationships. Never mind that Siobhan’s plan is still very unclear. The thing I can’t get over is NEXT TO NOTHING HAPPENS ON THIS FUCKING SHOW. This episode probably has the most significant plot elements of the show so far (besides the events of the pilot obviously) and it still wasn’t enough. This show just feels so lifeless, no matter what the characters are up to. It doesn’t have enough atmosphere or plot to be the kind of film noir thriller the marketing promised us and it doesn’t have enough trashy excess to be the kind of soap opera it clearly wants to be. It fails at the two genres it’s trying to hybridize. It just fails. It’s boring. Fuck it. I’m done.

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