The Big Bang Theory – “The Pulled Groin Extrapolation”

The Big Bang Theory – “The Pulled Groin Extrapolation

I am a new regular viewer to The Big Bang Theory (though I’ve seen episodes in the past), so I’m not overly familiar with the relationships between any given characters. I know some of the big things. Leonard and Penny used to date. Sheldon and Amy are in some kind of relationship. Howard and Raj have a weird codependent friendship going on, even though Howard is now engaged to Bernadette. Beyond the basic, however, I’ve yet to really catch on to the rhythms of the show. This episode was interesting because it paired Leonard and Amy. I don’t know if they’ve embarked on any hijinks in the past but I’ve never seen them paired for a storyline before. I kind of liked it. Amy’s odd self-confidence (founded in a deep insecurity left over from high school) has always been funny every time I’ve seen her on the show. I guess Mayim Bialik is a regular now. That’s good.

On a far more disturbing level, Howard’s experiment having Bernadette living with his mother was creepy. Just creepy. Especially the end. It’s simply horrifying with weird oedipal implications about Howard. Also Sheldon’s model train obsession was mildly upsetting as I think model trains are kind of cool (though I’ve never built one in my life). Actually I’ve identified several times with the things the nerds talk and/or argue about. The other week I totally knew that Wolverine WAS in fact born with bone claws (which was the subject of a debate between Howard and Sheldon). Maybe that’s what I like most about The Big Bang Theory. Nerd power. Represent.

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  1. Gman says:

    I was wondering what Bernadette would do about Howard living with her mother. I love the fact that he still lives with her because we still get to hear her voice even longer. The comment she made; “frankly after all your sleepovers with the brown boy; a girl is a big relief.”

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