Spiral (2007)

Spiral (2007) – So my favorite new horror director of the past several years has to be Adam Green. He created the fantastic slasher movie throwback Hatchet (and its sequel, Hatchet II) and the great survival horror flick Frozen. They’re both horror movies but in a very different vein. Spiral is nothing like either one of them. Green reunites with his Hatchet star Joel David Moore, who also co-directs. Moore plays Mason, a socially inept young artist who works at an insurance company for his longtime friend Berkeley (Zachary Levi). In the beginning we know something is seriously wrong in Mason’s life and he may be a seriously disturbed person. Enter Amber Tamblyn as Amber, a co-worker who befriends Mason and gets involved in his very specific artistic progress. As she gets closer to him though, she begins to realize something is not quite right. The movie takes its time with events. There were a couple times I thought it was moving too slowly, but by the end of the movie I appreciated the deliberate pacing. The movie ends in a sort of clever subversion of the twists that indie horror films have become overly reliant on. I’d recommend Spiral for anyone who likes their horror flicks psychological and offbeat.

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