2 Broke Girls – “And Strokes of Goodwill”

2 Broke Girls – “And Strokes of Goodwill

Okay so I still really like the relationship between Kat Dennings’ Max and Beth Behrs’ Caroline. I still like that horse. I love that Caroline didn’t get whipped cream or horse shit all over herself this week. I hate that there are two characters, Han Li and Oleg (played by Matthew Moy and Jonathan Kite), who are primarily racial caricatures (this week there was even a guest Puerto Rican stereotype). I hate that a great comedic performer like Saturday Night Live’s Garrett Morris only gets one line an episode. 2 Broke Girls is a wildly uneven show but I feel like the things I love about it outweigh the things I hate about it. Hopefully the show will receive some fine-tuning. Even with barely any storyline to speak of this week, I found it to be a rather entertaining half hour of television, but if it wants to hook me long-term I am going to need to see some growth over the next few weeks. I like the show enough to really hope that it reaches its potential…

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