How I Met Your Mother – “The Stinson Missile Crisis”

How I Met Your Mother – “The Stinson Missile Crisis

This is a show that loves flashback structure. That might get kind of annoying if the show didn’t do it so damn well. Robin is in court-order therapy (with Kumar himself, Kal Penn) after assaulting a woman. The details are kept unclear until the very end. In essence Robin helps Barney deactivate his long-term schemes for getting women to come to him (such as an infomercial where Barney is a doctor offering free breast reduction consultations, or one where he is a lawyer forming a class action suit against fraudulent claims of free breast reduction consultations). One of Barney’s schemes involves openly gay actor Neil Patrick Harris playing forthrightly heterosexual Barney Stinson pretending to be a flamboyantly gay hairdresser setting up women with his strait identical twin brother. Barney (still wearing the ducky tie from last week) is eager to romance Nora, but Robin still wants him back. The end of the episode finds Robin still secretly yearning for Barney and him being none the wise. I’m curious how long that’s going to keep up in the season. The other plot involves Ted’s role in the procreation of Marshall and Lily. Ted has strong opinions on Lily’s overly-permissive OBGYN (played by NewsRadio’s Vicki Lewis). Lily going into labored is foreshadowed in which is revealed Lewis’ Dr. Sonja is not as mellow as she seems and Marshall will be M.I.A. Foreshadowing and running in place seems to be the modus operandi of this season. Last week’s episode was absolutely hilarious but the first two episodes of the season, as well as this one, don’t seem to bring anything to the overall story. Even when it neglects the overall narrative, How I Met Your Mother manages to be pretty funny though, so even if the show has jumped the shark I’m more than happy to laugh at the decline…

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