New Girl – “Wedding”

New Girl – “Wedding

Oh Zooey Deschanel… Jess should be the most annoying character to ever be on television, but she isn’t. Deschanel’s giant-eyed charm wins me over every time. “Wedding” sees Jess posing as Nick’s girlfriend at a wedding to make his ex, Caroline (Mary Elizabeth Ellis from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), jealous. They tell her that it’s very important she tone down the weirdness. Of course, Jess suppressing her weirdness just causes weirdness to bubble out in unexpected ways. For example she inadvertently threatens a women Schmitt is attempting to woo (Katie Cassidy) with a knife in the bathroom. Oh, how lovably kooky. The roommates are beginning to grow on me. Schmitt and Winston in particular are carving out their own identities as characters (also I’m curious just how many shit-based puns they can make with Schmitt’s name, it seems like two or three new ones pop up every week). His aversion to his inevitable hooking up with Natasha Lyonne was funny (she got weird-looking, what happened to her late-90s hotness?). Winston’s hyper-competitiveness is probably a trait inherited from Coach, but Coach ain’t coming back so I really should stop comparing the two characters. Lamorne Morris seems to be doing his own non-Wayans thing with the role and it’s working for him. Nick still seems ill-defined to me. He’s supposed to be the “normal” one, except so far he’s been defined by how hung up he is on Caroline. I’m still scared that he’ll be turned into a love interest for Jess.  The slow-motion chicken dance at the end of the episode was funny but I wonder how many episodes will end with the roommates showing some bizarre form of solidarity with Jess… The show is already repeating itself but thanks to its charming tone it hasn’t worn out its welcome with me just yet…

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