Person of Interest – “Ghosts”

Person of Interest – “Ghosts

I’m still not one hundred percent sure what to make of Person of Interest. It has the potential to be one of the better shows of the 2011 season. It also could be just another investigative crime show where they solve a case every week. “Ghosts” seems to indicate the latter but it’s only the second episode. There are indications of a wider mythology forming, though, and that’s what going to elevate this show above “CSI with vaguely science fiction-y prognostication.” That and the fact that James Caveizel is kind of a badass. He kind of reminds me of a line from The Big Lebowski: “Nobody fucks with the Jesus.” He’s doing kind of a wannabe-Clint Eastwood gravelly voice, which I know I should hate as being kind of stupid but for whatever reason it works for me. In the pilot of more focused on Michael Emerson’s enigmatic Mr. Finch. We know from Lost that Emerson’s pretty great at the mysterious roles but this show makes him a lot more sympathetic. Speaking of people from Lost, Brett Cullen shows up this week as Finch’s business partner and seemingly the only person who knows he’s alive (and working a low-level job at the company he secretly owns). Caveizel’s Mr. Reese (which I just realized is a homophone for “mysteries”) is trying to find out more about Finch, but doesn’t. I’m curious how long the show will keep that up. Also how long before ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE Taraji P. Henson gets something more substantial to do? I’d like to think that when they hired an actress of her caliber, they had something planned for the character. Like I said, Person of Interest could go either way, but right now I’m seriously digging.



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