Terra Nova – “Instinct”

Terra Nova – “Instinct

So the second episode of Fox’s Terra Nova appears to be a mostly standalone episode. The pilot teased some potentially interesting season-long storylines and none of them seem to be present here. The problem with Terra Nova is the Shannon family is horribly uninteresting in their role as main characters. Cop Jim and Doctor Elisabeth are pretty much entirely defined by their jobs. Son Josh is… well, just an idiot. Daughter Maddy seems to be stereotypical brainy girl who also serves as the one who will artlessly state the exposition. Then there’s a kid too. I don’t really care. I’m more interested in the “secret agenda” of Terra Nova and the Sixers. If the show focuses more on those storylines than the migratory patterns of weird pterodactyl-looking creatures and Elisabeth’s college ex-boyfriend, maybe it’ll be worth sticking with. Right now, I’m not so sure. It’s also weird that two of the main action sequences in the story were completely off-camera (the capture of the pterodactyl-things, and the luring them away from Terra Nova). I know they spent a lot of money on the special effects (although it doesn’t always show, as some of them are quite cartoony) but I hope they’re not cheaping out on the big action scenes. However dinosaurs buy a show a lot of leeway so for the time being I’ll stick with it.

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