It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – “Sweet Dee Gets Audited”


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – “Sweet Dee Gets Audited

I love the way that the episode titles on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are used as punch lines. Case in point: tonight, where Sweet Dee joyously proclaims she ‘beat the system!” Cut to title card: “Sweet Dee Gets Auditied.” Hilarity. The show has delved into allegorical satire of world events before (from memory, I recall their property line dispute with an Israeli businessman mirrored the Israel-Palestine situation somewhat). Tonight, when the bar attempts to go democratic, Mac and Charlie form the Pickly Party (with Sweet Dee) saying that “if you’re not as educated or informed you form your own party and yell the loudest.” Sound familiar? The interesting thing is that the gang has pretty much always solved their problems this way, predating the Tea Party by a couple years. Has the reality of American discourse caught up with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? If so, we are all fucked. Royally. The Pickle/Tea Party similarities felt a bit on the nose (especially with the Party being divided by religion), but as a total left-winger (and a fan of the gang yelling at each other) I still found it pretty fucking funny. On another front, a show that’s always been pretty fucking dark, literally crosses the line into dead baby humor (okay, maybe not literally since there is no actual baby). Dennis and Frank flat-out confess that the fake fneral for the equally fake infant Barnabus Reynolds is the “darkest thing [they’ve] ever done.” Add in a partially liquefied dog corpse and Dee blinded by chili powder (but still unable to convincingly cry) and you have the darkest kind of comedy gold. It’s either a new high or a new low for the show, but I’m pretty happy with it either way.

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