Person of Interest – “Mission Creep”

Person of Interest – “Mission Creep

Well, I don’t think Person of Interest is going to reach its full potential. That’s okay though because even falling short of what it could be, it makes for damn entertaining television. Plus, maybe my initial statement is premature. “Mission Creep” sets up some things (a slight sense of humor in the relationship between Finch and Reese, a possible multi-episode villain) that could help the show break through to another level beyond “unconventional crime procedural.” The number this week belongs to Joey, a veteran of the War in Afghanistan. Members of his regiment seem to have found a new life as bank robbers. However an unexpected shooting in a bank robbery isn’t the type of thing the machine picks up on. Whatever murder Joey is tied up in (as either victim for perpetrator) has already been planned. As a soldier, Reese’s instincts tell him that Joey is not the wrong-doer here. Sure enough it turns out he’s just robbing banks and poker games to help put a fallen comrade’s daughter through college. How noble. The potential take-away from this episode is a person called M. Elias, who hires the soldiers to rob an evidence locker, after which the ringleader kills all the soldiers (except Joey and an undercover Reese) and them the unseen Elias kills the ringleader. This could be a recurring villain for Reese and Finch or possibly a Big bad for the whole season. Even though the episodes so far have followed a formula, I’m always curious to know where Person of Interest is going and that’s a mark of good television.

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