Enlightened – “Pilot”

Enlightened – “Pilot

I know this aired last week, but I really fell behind on the TV blogging.

I have been a big fan of HBO as a network. I have liked every show I have seen on their network: from The Larry Sanders Show to Boardwalk Empire, they’ve got a pretty damn impressive run of great shows (or at least entertaining ones). Well, winning streaks don’t last forever. Man did I hate the pilot for Enlightened. It wasn’t without some light chuckle moments but the tone of the series just seems so mirthless. The idea of maintaining a zen attitude amidst all the stresses of the modern world is one that could easily be mined for comedy but for some reason this show doesn’t seem to be able to do that. The co-creator of the show is Mike White, the screenwriter who previous minded desperation for dry humor in the great film The Good Girl seems to have lost his touch. The guy worked on Freaks and Geeks, so he should know a thing or two about good television. Laura Dern really gives this role her all and her energy is commendable, but it doesn’t really seem to be in service of anything. This show strikes me as a wasted opportunity and I won’t be tuning in next week (er, this week I mean).

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