Child’s Play (1988)

Child’s Play (1988) – Let’s just start with the one reason this movie couldn’t NOT be scary: dolls are just fucking creepy, man. Child’s Play is a movie with some dark humor, but unlike some of the sequels that followed it is not a comedy. Reliably creepy character actor Brad Dourif plays serial killer Charles Lee Ray (dubbed the “Chicago Strangler”). Unfortunately for Chuckie (as he is called), he’s been shot fatally while fleeing arrest. He has time to break into a toy store and mutter some invocation in Latin and French. On a seemingly unrelated storyline, young Andy has just turned six and his mom (Catherine Hicks from 7th Heaven, ha!). He really wants a Good Guy doll and he gets one… named Chuckie. Later when violent shenanigans get underway, no one believes poor young Andy when he says it’s the doll who done it. I’ve always responded well to stories where children know what’s up and adults don’t listen. Maybe that’s because I always felt like no one listened to me as a kid (or as an adult for that matter). Director Tom Holland brings back his Fright Night star Chris Sarandon as the disbelieving cop investigating the mysterious deaths (also the dude who shot Chuckie). The movie has good suspense and despite the few chuckles to be had (the movie IS about a murderous toy), it is actually kind of scary. Mostly because dolls… are… fucking… creepy…

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