Grace (2009)

Grace (2009) – So I checked this one out because it is produced by writer/director Adam Green, one of my favorite newer horror film-makers. But producing is not writing nor directing and the film isn’t anywhere near as good as Green’s. Paul Solet is man behind the camera on this one and his movie moves at a plodding pace with a story that, on a mental level, should be scary but never is (though the final shot of the movie does have a good “holy shit” moment). Green’s Spiral (co-directed with actor Joel David Moore) had similar pacing issues but redeemed itself with good plotting. Grace doesn’t have much in the way of that. Madeline (Jordan Ladd) is a vegan who discovers to her horror that her baby needs to feed on blood. Sounds promising I know, but it draaaaags and gets soooooo borrrrrrrring… I am a fan of deliberately-paced horror. Ti West’s The House of the Devil manages to build suspense masterfully in a 30-minute sequence where pretty much nothing happens. Grace doesn’t have that kind of tension. It’s just off-putting, and not in the way that helps horror movies. I say just skip it.

One Response to “Grace (2009)”
  1. Ezekiel Lee says:

    I kinda like the pacing. I thought that the detailed close-ups of food etc brought tension to the proceedings but obviously you disagree. However I have to agree with you that it is a movie that should’ve been a whole lot scarier.

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