Inferno (1980)

Inferno (1980) – Okay, so this was the last movie of my Halloween Horror Movie Marathon and I was damn near falling asleep (which is, incidentally, why it was the last movie when I had been planning to watch another afterward). Perhaps this means I can’t really write a great review because I was barely conscious (also, I waited almost two weeks to actually write said review). Well, fuck it, I’m giving it a shot. Inferno is Dario Argento’s follow-up to his earlier classic Suspiria. (His “Three Mothers” trilogy was belatedly completed in 2007 with The Mother of Tears.) Basically there were three witches who tricked an architect into building them three buildings that like focus their evil power or whatever. The first was the dance school in Suspiria and now the second one is an apartment building in New York City in Inferno. Essentially several different people start digging into the secrets of the building and getting killed until finally one doesn’t. There’s atmosphere. Let it never be said this movie is lacking for atmosphere. Plus I really dig the bright colors of the film (kind of a welcome change of pace from more modern horror movies which try to go as dark as humanly possible). That being said, I was never really invested in characters or story so there was nothing really frightening. Inferno doesn’t strike me as particularly memorable but then again neither did Suspiria, which is considered a classic (I remember I liked it but I can’t remember much else). I don’t consider it a waste of time or anything, but there are better movies you could watch.

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