Chillerama (2011)

Chillerama (2011) – I’m not going to make any arguments about this being some great work of art but holy shit is it a whole hell of a lot of fun. Joe Lynch directs the frame story, in which a drive-in movie theater is being shut down. The owner (Richard Riehle) decides to go out with a bang, screening three long-unseen old horror movies. The three movies are Adam Rifkin’s “Wadzilla,” in which a treatment for sterility gives a man angry giant mutant sperm (in case you were wondering what that monster in the article image was). The second is “I Was a Teenage WereBear,” directed by Tim Sullivan (who now follows me on Twitter die to my excessive tweeting about this movie as I watched it) in which a teenager who’s just not that into his girlfriend is transformed into a “were-bear” in a VERY unsubtle allegory for homosexuality (actually, at the point where there’s gay sex is it still allegory?). The third is “The Diary of Anne Frankenstein,” directed by Adam Green of Hatchet and Frozen fame. Quite frankly that third title should tell you whether or not you would like this movie. This is not a scary movie at all. It is riotously funny in the way it absolutely obliterates the line of good taste. There were parts that went too far even for me (a short called “Deathication” caused me to look away from the TV), but overall I end I enjoyed it a lot. It’s great trash, enjoy it with friends and substance abuse.

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