Swamp Thing (1982)

Swamp Thing (1982) – I am a fan of the Swamp Thing comics. I’m not just talking about Alan Moore’s acclaimed run on Saga of the Swamp Thing back in the 1980s. I’m not just talking about the awesome work Scott Snyder is doing on the title for DC’s New 52 relaunch. I’m talking about the original Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson horror comic from the 1970s. Special effects notwithstanding that should not be very hard to make a damn good movie out of. Well they effects that were… good enough. So why the hell does this movie suck so god damn hard? Wes Craven, while he had not yet reached his peak with A Nightmare on Elm Street he had at least cranked out the pretty decent The Hills Have Eyes by then (I personally did not care for The Last House on the Left), so it’s not as if he was an inexperienced neophyte. There is just something so ridiculously tone deaf about this fucking movie that it seems like people with no conception of how to make a film put it together. The story is familiar, Dr. Alec Holland (Ray Wise) is working on his bio-restorative formula when there is an explosion that turns him into the Swamp Thing. He goes on to fight the evil Dr. Anton Arcane (Louis Jourdan). Adrienne Barbeau is there too as Dr. Holland is apparently in love with her. She takes a nude bath IN THE SWAMP because a) she apparently just wants to show off and isn’t overly concerned with hygiene and b) the movie realizes at this point it has nothing else going for it so it figures “TITS, why not?” Well, Craven moved on to Elm Street and Joel Silver is financing a new Swamp Thing movie, in this modern Golden Age of GOOD comic book movies, so hopefully we can just wipe this piece of shit from the annals of film history and move on…

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  1. I like it, it’s fun.

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