Thank You for Reading

So I’m running way behind on movie reviews. I’ve actually seen 12 movies since the last reviewed (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) and will hopefully catch up in the first few days of 2012. Anyway WordPress sent me a little thing about how this blog “did” this year (really just the past few months) and holy shit! I figured my friends were reading (even then, only some) and a few people led here by WordPress or random internet searches. Apparently I was a couple thousand people off in that estimation. I am more than well aware that doesn’t make me an internet sensation or anything (and that many of those people were likely one-time readers) but for a guy who thought he was just shouting his opinions into the abyss it’s kind of incredible. There’s about 13 people who have read my blog in Africa. Just ONE would have surprised the hell out of me. Anyway as you may have guessed, this post is mostly just to thank you for reading (and also brag a bit about my apparently international appeal). I hope you stick with me in 2012.

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