Man on a Ledge (2012)

Man on a Ledge (2012) – There’s something be said for a good middle-of-the-road movie. A movie that in all honesty you are probably not going to remember in a few months, but is nonetheless solidly entertaining. A simple premise with some good plot twists and turns and a cast that is game but doesn’t take everything too seriously and you’ve got solid popcorn entertainment. You haven’t revolutionized the medium of film or anything but you’ve allowed me to enjoy myself for a couple of hours. As should be obvious, I feel Man on a Ledge is one of these movies. It’s just fun. It’ll be forgotten in a little while, but it’s an enjoyable time at the movies. There are far better movies out there right now, sure, but sometimes you need a break from the Oscar-bait or the blockbusters.

Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) is a man who (spoiler alert in case you’re really hardcore about these types of things) goes out on a ledge! To jump? Well that’s the assumption that bystanders and police make, but not quite. Nick’s got a bigger plan than going splat. The whole man on the ledge part is just a distraction. There are more plot developments that I won’t really spoil even though a) they’re in the trailer and b) you can see them coming a mile away. This is the type of movie though where it’s fun to just go along with the plot. Also in this cast are Elizabeth Banks as the police negotiator trying to talk Nick down, Edward Burns as her wary partner, Jamie Bell as Nick’s brother, Génesis Rodríguez as eye candy (er, I mean Bell’s girlfriend), Anthony Mackie as a former friend of Nick’s, Titus Welliver as a surly cop, William Sadler (“Bill” in the credits) as a cheerful bellhop, Kyra Sedgewick as an amusingly-Hispanic-named TV reporter, as Ed Harris as the rich asshole behind Nick’s troubles. All are game. None are deeply developed characters but they serve plot functions and are engaging enough in the process. Oh and while it’s certainly not at the same level as Tom Cruise climbing the god damn Burj Khalifa, it’s worth noting that they actually shot this movie on the side of a building in Manhattan so Worthington and Banks really are pretty damn high off the ground. Cool points for that.

I know McDonald’s is bad for me, and not even good as far as quality food goes but dammit sometimes I just want those fries. Sometimes I feel more like The Spaghetti Factory than a genuine Italian restaurant. There are better options, sure, but sometimes lower quality can be deeply satisfying. I really enjoyed Man on a Ledge while I was watching it, even if only a few days later plot details have slipped from my memory. I could sit back and pick holes in the plot probably (if I could remember it more clearly) but this is one of those movies where you just sit back and go with it and have a good time anyway. Check it out if you’re in that kind of mood.

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