The Wolfman (2010)

The Wolfman (2010) – (editorial note: I watched and reviewed this movie on 14 February 2010… I don’t know why but I seem to have overlooked it when copy/pasting all my old Facebook minireviews to this site.) Someone has their heart ripped out in this movie so I guess it was kind of appropriate viewing for Valentine’s Day, huh? [wow, that joke was a bit emo]  Anyway this is one of those sort of bipolar movies containing awesomeness and awfulness.  In the end the two reach a sort of equilibrium of “meh.”  Several scenes are truncated at less than a minute which gives the film a real awkward pacing.  Rick Baker’s make-up is great and I wish the practical effects transformation sequence he’d designed had been used and just augmented with CG instead of the total-CG transformation the movie uses, but as is the transformation scenes ain’t bad.  Fun fact, Hugo Weaving’s character Francis Aberline is based on Frederick Aberline, the real-life investigator of the Jack the Ripper case.  I like Weaving in the movie.  Dude was born to rock those mutton chops.  So there’s a nifty atmosphere and Anthony Hopkins does his low-key bugfuck crazy thing which you’ll either dig or detest and in some angles Benecio del Toro does actually look a bit like Lon Chaney, Jr.  It all adds up to a movie that doesn’t quite know what tone it’s looking to strike.  Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow is a good example of what this movie was trying to be.  Joe Johnston’s The Wolf Man entertains but is haunted by the spectre of the movie that could have been.

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