Sorority House Massacre II (1990)

Sorority House Massacre II (1990) – For about six years of my life, I worked selling DVDs (three years at Suncoast in Sacramento, three years at Virgin Megastore in San Francisco). As you may have gathered about me, I watch a lot of movies. With six years of having a 35% employee discount and a reasonable salary (with little in the way of expenses since I was either living with or being supported by my parents at the time) I went kind of nuts on the DVD buying. I am in possession of at least fifty movies which I HAVE NEVER EVEN SEEN. So last week as I’m watching Sorority House Massacre on Netflix, I think to myself “don’t I have the second one of these on DVD somewhere?” I checked my alphabetized shelf and didn’t see it (though I did see the Slumber Party Massacre trilogy) then checked a box in the garage and there it was. Now if you read the article before this one on this site, you’ll know that I found Sorority House Massacre to be an execrable and terminally boring pile of dog shit. But… I mean… I already have the second one RIGHT THERE… plus I need to know if I hate it so I can sell it, right?

Linda (Robyn Harris), Jessica (Melissa Moore), Kimberly (Stacia Zhivago), Suzanne (Michelle Verran), and Janey (Dana Bentley) are sorority girls (duh) who buy a new house to movie the sorority into. They quikly learn that they got the house so cheap because many years before it was the scene of a grisly murder where a man named Hokstedter murdered his whole family before eventually being killed himself by the woman who lived next door. The girls think it might be fun to try to talk to Hokstedter on their Ouija board. Meanwhile two police detectives (Jürgen Baum and Toni Naples) suspect that the creepy weirdo next door (Peter Spellos) might have had more to do with the murders than he ever let on. Quickly enough bad things start happening to the sorority girls who are all alone in a house with my phone or power.

Sorority House Massacre II was written and shot in a week. It shows. This is a bad movie. It’s cheesy as all hell and the early-90s fashions date it horribly. That being said, my main complain about Sorority House Massacre was that the title simply promised a degree of nudity and gore that was never met. Also it was boring and took itself way too god damn seriously. Sorority House Massacre II does not have any of those problems. Nudity abounds and even when it doesn’t the girls run around in their nighties. The film is bloodier than its predecessor too, though anything made on a low Roger Corman budget is never going to match the intricate Tom Savini levels of gore a bigger budget series like Friday the 13th can pull off. The quote on the DVD box, a space usually reserved for critical acclaim reads “there may have been better horror movies made but not with this many women in their underwear.” That kind of tells you all you need to know about the movie’s priorities, and if you evaluate it that way it could be a lot worse.

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