Enlightened – “Pilot”

Enlightened – “Pilot” I know this aired last week, but I really fell behind on the TV blogging. I have been a big fan of HBO as a network. I have liked every show I have seen on their network: from The Larry Sanders Show to Boardwalk Empire, they’ve got a pretty damn impressive run … Continue reading

Free Agents – Cancelled

Free Agents – Cancelled Well NBC’s The Playboy Club was the first casualty of the 2011 season and now Free Agents is the second. (The CW’s H8r was third, proving the existence of merciful and loving God) Now of those three shows, Free Agents is the one I actually watched and thought had serious growth … Continue reading

Person of Interest – “Mission Creep”

Person of Interest – “Mission Creep” Well, I don’t think Person of Interest is going to reach its full potential. That’s okay though because even falling short of what it could be, it makes for damn entertaining television. Plus, maybe my initial statement is premature. “Mission Creep” sets up some things (a slight sense of … Continue reading

American Horror Story – “Pilot”

American Horror Story – “Pilot” What… the… fuck…? I’m not sure just what the hell I watched. I think it might have been one of the crappiest pilots I’ve ever seen that still has a lot of potential for a series. I’ve seen far crappier to be sure, but none that plant so many potentially … Continue reading

New Girl – “Wedding”

New Girl – “Wedding” Oh Zooey Deschanel… Jess should be the most annoying character to ever be on television, but she isn’t. Deschanel’s giant-eyed charm wins me over every time. “Wedding” sees Jess posing as Nick’s girlfriend at a wedding to make his ex, Caroline (Mary Elizabeth Ellis from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), jealous. … Continue reading

Terra Nova – “Instinct”

Terra Nova – “Instinct” So the second episode of Fox’s Terra Nova appears to be a mostly standalone episode. The pilot teased some potentially interesting season-long storylines and none of them seem to be present here. The problem with Terra Nova is the Shannon family is horribly uninteresting in their role as main characters. Cop … Continue reading

2 Broke Girls – “And Strokes of Goodwill”

2 Broke Girls – “And Strokes of Goodwill” Okay so I still really like the relationship between Kat Dennings’ Max and Beth Behrs’ Caroline. I still like that horse. I love that Caroline didn’t get whipped cream or horse shit all over herself this week. I hate that there are two characters, Han Li and … Continue reading

Person of Interest – “Ghosts”

Person of Interest – “Ghosts” I’m still not one hundred percent sure what to make of Person of Interest. It has the potential to be one of the better shows of the 2011 season. It also could be just another investigative crime show where they solve a case every week. “Ghosts” seems to indicate the … Continue reading

Homeland – “Pilot”

Homeland – “Pilot” Homeland has the potential to be one of the most interesting new shows of the season. That’s not to say it will be, but the pilot looks promising. Claire Danes plays CIA agent Carrie Mathison. Carrie is in the doghouse after a disastrous attempt to spring an informant from an Iraqi prison. … Continue reading

Ringer – “If You Ever Want a French Lesson”

Ringer – “If You Ever Want a French Lesson” Fuck this show. I’m done. Never mind the fact that it’s never really been clear why Bridget’s reaction to her twin sister’s apparent death was to usurp her life. Never mind that she doesn’t get the hell out of New York but seems set on repairing … Continue reading