Angels in America (2003)

Angels in America (2003) – For a while, the premium cable network Home Box Office had the slogan “It’s not TV, it’s HBO.” This mainly reflected the artistically challenging shows they aired like The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Deadwood, and The Wire (of course they also ran Sex and the City, so I guess it … Continue reading

Little Children (2006)

Little Children (2006) — There is a definite subgenre of drama dedicated to people who are desperately unhappy in suburbia. Understandable enough. Little Children was on the Sundance Channel and since I caught it from the beginning I opted to watch the whole thing. Kate Winslet plays Sarah, an unhappy housewife. Patrick Wilson (Watchmen, Angels … Continue reading

You Don’t Know Jack (2010)

You Don’t Know Jack (2010) — How you feel about this movie will probably be decided by your predetermined biases.  If you are fundamentally opposed to euthanasia, you will probably not be receptive to this movie (but who knows, maybe it will change your mind).  I myself am a proponent of the right-to-die movement so … Continue reading