The Big Year (2011)

The Big Year (2011) – In his retirement, my father has collected hobbies. One of the more recent ones is bird-watching, or rather “birding” as it is apparently called by those in the know. I like birds and will take a moment to look at them if I’m in the vicinity, but I never quite … Continue reading

The Big Bang Theory – “The Skank Reflex Analysis” & “The Infestation Hypothesis”

The Big Bang Theory – “The Skank Reflex Analysis” Okay, so I have never watched The Big Bang Theory regularly. Every time I have caught an episode I have enjoyed it and so I am now going to watch it regularly. I know enough about the characters to follow along and now that it’s in … Continue reading

Meandering [Slightly Drunken] Thoughts on the 2011 Emmys

So I figured if I’m going to blogging about television, I should probably weigh in on the Emmys. I realized this though as the Emmys were already in progress and I had been drinking (I started to sober up somewhere around the Drama categories). These are my meandering real-time thoughts as I watched the broadcast. … Continue reading