Ringer – “If You Ever Want a French Lesson”

Ringer – “If You Ever Want a French Lesson” Fuck this show. I’m done. Never mind the fact that it’s never really been clear why Bridget’s reaction to her twin sister’s apparent death was to usurp her life. Never mind that she doesn’t get the hell out of New York but seems set on repairing … Continue reading

Ringer – “She’s Ruining Everything”

Ringer – “She’s Ruining Everything” Sigh… so this episode convinced me to abandon this show… then the “next time on Ringer” ad enticed me with the promise of shit ACTUALLY HAPPENING next week. So there’s that. In the meantime the show keeps spinning its wheels. It’s trying to develop the emotional storylines which would be … Continue reading

Ringer – “Pilot”

Ringer – “Pilot” So Sarah Michelle Gellar achieved major success with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She has been in a couple movies since the show ended, like The Grudge and the Scooby Doo films (as well as several lower-profile films and voice over roles) but she hasn’t really done the movie star thing. Well she’s … Continue reading