The Big Bang Theory – “The Skank Reflex Analysis” & “The Infestation Hypothesis”

The Big Bang Theory – “The Skank Reflex Analysis” Okay, so I have never watched The Big Bang Theory regularly. Every time I have caught an episode I have enjoyed it and so I am now going to watch it regularly. I know enough about the characters to follow along and now that it’s in … Continue reading

Community – “Biology 101”

Community – “Biology 101” Community might just be my favorite sitcom on television right now. First, and most importantly, it’s hilarious. It also experiments with genre and style. How many other sitcoms have episodes that were spaghetti westerns, fantasy epics, or Claymation Christmas specials? At the heart of it though, it’s about the characters. You … Continue reading

Glee – “The Purple Piano Project”

Glee – “The Purple Piano Project” When Glee started I was surprised by the tone. Beneath the veneer of pop bubbliness there was a real sense of bitterness. The show about high school outcasts coming together wasn’t shying away from the fact that no, this would not solve all their problems. They would be excluded … Continue reading

How I Met Your Mother – “The Best Man” & “The Naked Truth”

How I Met Your Mother – “The Best Man” How I Met Your Mother is a show I have almost entirely caught up with in syndication. I didn’t really watch new episodes on CBS until this past year. Maybe because I’ve been exposed to it all in one year, I haven’t tired of it the … Continue reading

Two and a Half Men – “Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmitt”

Two and a Half Men – “Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmitt” Way back in the day Charlie Sheen was considered a reasonably competent dramatic actor in films like Wall Street and Platoon. Then came Major League and Hot Shots and suddenly his comedic ability became apparent. After the tumultuous decade that was the 90s, … Continue reading

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – “Frank’s Pretty Woman”

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – “Frank’s Pretty Woman” The key to comedy is you have to commit to it. Rob McElhenney gained about 50 pounds just because he thought it’d be funny. That is really committing to the bit. Especially since he and his wife/co-star Kaitlin Olson have a one-year-old son which means that … Continue reading