South Park – “Ass Burgers”

South Park – “Ass Burgers” So South Park took an unexpected shift in tone during the last episode several months back. After a so-so episode where Stan began see and hearing everything as shit (a medical condition known as being a cynical asshole) he had alienated his friends. Furthermore Sharon and Randy realized their marriage … Continue reading

Family Guy – “Lottery Fever”

Family Guy – “Lottery Fever” God damn you, South Park. I love South Park, but ever since they pointed out the main flaw of Family Guy (that the cutaway jokes are interchangeable as they bear next to no significance to the larger storyline of an episode) I haven’t enjoyed it as much. Seth MacFarlane doesn’t … Continue reading

Religulous (2008)

Religulous (2008) — This movie is funny and thought-provoking if you don’t take issue with its content (which many are sure to).  While I’m not in total agreement with Mr. Maher’s thesis he makes compelling arguments but really what’s important is that he made me laugh.  When Bill Maher gets into rant-mode he annoys me … Continue reading