Wonder Boys (2000)

Wonder Boys (2000) — I hadn’t seen this since it was in theaters but it was on cable [no commercials] so I decided to watch it.  This is a great movie.  The whole cast is top notch.  It strains believability that Michael Douglas could resist the wiles of a pre-brainwashing Katie Holmes [especially since Douglas is married to a much younger woman and Holmes is married to a much older man in real-life but whatever.  This is a movie review not celebrity gossip!] but story-wise it wouldn’t have been good for the film.  Anyway, when I first saw the movie I had never even heard of Michael Chabon but now I’ve read four of his books (not including Wonder Boys) and notice a certain similarity between Chabon and Tobey Maguire’s character James.  Namely, Chabon is a bisexual man who wrote a novel for his master’s thesis which his college professor passed on to a literary agent.  Anyway, I like revisiting movie that I haven’t seen in a while (if I liked them to begin with anyway).  This movie really reminds me of the joys of reading a good book and of writing.  I’m glad it was on and when I have an income again I’ll have to go pick it up.

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