Priceless (2006)

Priceless (2006) — Enjoyable and predictable.  The movie is about a gold-digger named Irene played by Audrey Tautou, whose all-consuming hotness is really the only thing that keeps you from outright despising the character.  She mistakenly hooks up with a hotel bartender named Jean, mistaking him for a millionaire.  He follows her around afterward even after she tells him to piss off, which makes him kind of a stalker.  So maybe they deserve each other.  Anyway, at a low point in his life, Jean hooks up with a wealthy older woman and becomes something of a gold-digger himself.  Jean and Irene bond over gold-digging.  It’s all in French and maybe that’s why it’s charming instead of seriously off-putting.  Other than the aforementioned all-consuming hotness there really is no reason for Jean to fall for Irene, but you just go with it because that’s the way with these movies.  As far as formulaic romantic comedies go this is one of the ones that succeeds in spite of its contrivances.

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