Yes Man (2008)

Yes Man (2008) — I saw this film in theaters and thought it was reasonably funny but nothing special, even as far as Jim Carrey’s high-concept comedies are concerned. Then I saw it again the other day on HBO and I found myself really won over by the idea of saying “Yes” to every opportunity you’re presented with (not enough to actually try it, but intrigued nonetheless). I think the message of the movie is better than the movie itself. But that’s kind of off-topic. I do enjoy the movie, it casts likable people like Carrey and Zooey Deschanel (though their 18-year age difference made the romantic subplot a bit weird) and made me laugh, which is really all you can ask from a comedy. It’s not a movie of any great substance (though the life-affirming philosophy it espouses is a good one) but it was very enjoyable and I’ll probably watch parts of it again if it’s on TV (which since HBO reruns the hell out of the movies it shows, it inevitably will be).

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